Environmental Protection

Shinnyo-en is making a continuous effort to protecting our environment and natural resources. 

Preserving the Ome Forest

For more than two decades, Shinnyo-en has been committed to preserving the natural environment in the mountains of Ome in western Tokyo. Working to restore the neglected broad-leaved trees of the Ome Forest, Shinnyo-en volunteers are turning the area into a beautiful woodland where people can learn about and appreciate nature. In May 2008, the forest achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.



Forestation Project in China

Since 2004, Shinnyo-en has supported forestation in Gansu Province, an area that was fast succumbing to desertification. Shinnyo-en volunteers began traveling to Gansu in 2007 to coordinate forestation efforts with the local community, and so far have planted 20,000 trees in the region.


Preserving Mangrove Forests in Pakistan

From 1999 to 2004, Shinnyo-en supported the World Wildlife Fund's campaign to preserve the mangrove forests of Jiwani in Baluchistan, Pakistan.


Architecture Maintaining a Life-sustaining Eco-system

Ogen'in, the main Shinnyo Buddhist Training Center, has many environmentally-friendly initiatives in place. The complex depends on solar power for as much as 70 percent of its total energy requirements. Rainwater is collected for use in the sewage and irrigation systems. The grounds feature multiple green zones with broad-leaved trees and other vegetation to replenish oxygen and maintain ambient temperature at safe levels. Buildings are equipped with vegetated green roofs to help prevent the formation of heat islands. The walls of the main temple also feature double-skin construction to further boost energy saving efficiency. At Shinnyo-en, we see sharing resources in good faith as part of our responsibility to invest in our future – naturally.

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