Regular Services

Rituals and ceremonies (usually referred to as "services") are mainly held within the sacred grounds of a Shinnyo-en Temple or Shinnyo Center. They also feature dharma talks by experienced Buddhist teachers that illuminate many of the complex issues of practice in today's world. Shinnyo Buddhism values tradition, but at the same time, what we learn in the temple is meant to be applied in today's society.

There are many different services performed at Shinnyo temples and training centers, which vary according to the time of the month or year. (Days indicated below refer to the Ogen Center in Japan and may vary at local temples worldwide.)


Merit Transfer Service (4th & 24th)

Service to transfer merit and offer appreciation and spiritual consolation to the departed

Feast of Bezaiten (8th)

Service in honor of the Heavenly Dharma Protector

Feast of Compassion (11th)

Service in honor of the Eleven-faced Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

Feast of Eternal Bliss (15th)

Service in honor of the Ever-Present Buddha

Remembrance Service (19th)

Service in honor of and in gratitude to the founders

Feast of Kasanori (20th)

Service in honor of the Earthly Dharma Protector

Homa Service (28th)

Fire ritual to bring forth one's aspiration for enlightenment

Prayer Gathering (Dates vary)

Services led by members: chanting, testimonies, teachings



The Three Major Buddhist Services:

Services held to commemorate the three significant events of the Buddha Shakyamuni's life (birth, attaining enlightenment, and entering final nirvana); observed by all Buddhists.

Feb. 15 - Feast of Nirvana
Apr. 8 - Feast of the Buddha's Birth
Dec. 8 - Feast of Enlightenment


Shinnyo-en Festivals:

Mar. 28 - Festival of the Ever-Present

Celebrating the birth of the Founder and reaffirming his teachings.

May. 9 - Ogen Festival

Celebration and praise of the spiritual support of the Shinnyo teachings.

Nov. 3 - Festival of Oneness (Ichinyo Matsuri)

Service to reflect on and extend gratitude to the Buddhas for the fruits of the year's efforts and to foster the spirit of harmony.