Shinnyo-en Members’ Annual Winter Training, 2012

January 01, 2012
Shinnyo-en Temples and Training Centers

Shinnyo-en Members worldwide began on January 20, 2012 to participate in Shinnyo-en's annual Winter Training series of speeches, sharing experiences, chanting, and meditation. The Winter Training activities are organized at over 800 locations in 50 countries. Morning and evening sessions focus on the variety of ways in which Shinnyo Buddhists recommit themselves to living their daily lives with intentions and actions expressive of Buddhist values and teaching.

A period of special study after the new year and before spring is a common practice in many traditional Japanese disciplines, secular (such as in martial arts) as well as religious. Part of the founding story of Shinnyo-en focuses on how the Founders, Shinjo Ito and Tomoji Ito, realized the vision and resolve to dedicate their lives full-time to the practice of what has become Shinnyo Buddhism after they spent an intensive period of meditation and study in the winter of 1936.

The Winter Training has been a defining part of the Shinnyo Members' experience every year since 1936. The training activities are scheduled for the mornings and evenings to allow for normal participation in daily life. The Winter Training helps members develop physically, mentally, and spiritually to face the challenges of the coming year. Among the themes for the Winter Training in 2012 are Shinnyo meditation, the teachings and history of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, the Shinnyo-en Founders, and Shinnyo-en theology. As 2012 is the centennial of the Co-founder's, Tomoji Ito's, birth, special attention will also be on her contribution to Shinnyo-en.