Shinnyo-en in Chicago Hosts Neighbors for National Day of Prayer

May 02, 2013
Chicago, Illinois

The prayer breakfast at Shinnyo-en's Chicago temple was the first occasion in which Shinnyo-en hosted the community interfaith prayer service in Chicago.

The National Day of Prayer was formalized by federal legislation in 1952 in the administration of President Harry S. Truman; however, the origin of the observance reaches back to 1775 when prior to adoption of nation's Declaration of Independence, the Second Continental Congress issued a proclamation recommending "a day of public humiliation [expressions of humility], fasting, and prayer.'

In his official Proclamation of the National Day of Prayer, 2013, President Barak Obama said: "Prayer brings communities together and can be a wellspring of strength and support. . . . All of us have the freedom to pray and exercise our faiths openly. Our laws protect these God-given liberties, and rightly so. Today and every day, prayers will be offered in houses of worship, at community gatherings, in our homes, and in neighborhoods all across our country. Let us give thanks for the freedom to practice our faith as we see fit, whether individually or in fellowship."