Consolatory Service for the Earthquake Victims and All Spirits

May 09, 2011

On April 24, Shinnyo-en held a monthly spiritual consolatory service officiated by Her Holiness Shinso Ito to offer prayer for victims of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, March 11, 2011, and all other victims of natural and human-made calamities and wars in the world. The service was held at Shinnyo-en's Yuon Sanctuary located in the Kansai area where the Great Western Japan Earthquake occurred in 1995. Her Holiness referred to Shinnyo-en Founder, Master Shinjo Ito, who taught, "Our efforts of sharing the pain of those who suffer would lead all to the Buddha's world of permanence and bliss." Her Holiness reminded Shinnyo practitioners from Kansai area of how they themselves had overcome pain and sorrow through helping and supporting each other with faith in the ever-present Buddha. Shinso Ito encouraged them by saying, "Let us become one in heart with those who suffer, and enlarge a circle of warmth and kindness to the world. Let us also offer prayer to those who are the foundations of our lives -- our ancestors and predecessors in society. With our prayer of appreciation we can work together towards reconstruction and peace."