Shinnyo Lantern Floating Taiwan 2021: Kindle a Light of Hope for the Future

November 19, 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

Shinnyo-en Taiwan hosted its seventh annual Lantern Floating celebration in November at Lequn Hall in Taipei.  While adhering to local pandemic protocols, participants were invited to reserve a spot to float their lanterns. For the occasion, a pond was created adjacent to the Taiwan Head Temple, for lanterns to be set afloat.

As the global epidemic continues to spread and many regions suffer from relentless disasters and wars, the lantern floating was an opportunity to light a lamp of hope for the world and its future. Participants were invited to share blessings and prayers that the world can come together and become a force of compassion for all living beings.

Her Holiness Shinso Ito also participated in the ceremony, offering her light of hope virtually from the Ogen Center in Japan. Her Holiness had this message, “I hope that this occasion will inspire practitioners in Taiwan, all of Asia, and beyond to cultivate a deeper sense of trust and gratitude to all that is ever-present in our lives as we advance further along our path of Shinnyo".

The tradition of lighting a prayer of hope is one that Shinnyo-en has continued since 1936.  The meaning of the tradition is multifaceted and deep. It serves as an important reminder to be both thankful for the gifts that one has received, and also sets a mood of optimism and hope for the future. 

It is a ritual of healing, of love, of light and of renewal. It is also a celebration of gratitude for one’s ancestors, helping to spread the light of Shinnyo to realms both seen and unseen, facilitating a deeper sense of harmony on many levels. 

Participants lit their lamps of hope, looking to transcend barriers of race and culture and pour out powerful thoughts of goodness into the world, igniting the light of peace within.