Our human challenge

June 19, 2020
Tokyo, New York

The Shinnyo-en community, at its core, exists to hold space for all people to discover and awaken the inherent goodness within themselves.

Working with diverse communities, we see, acknowledge, and are saddened by the deep suffering enacted by racism in all its forms on communities of color. Racism has no place nor should ever hold space in our societies, ever.

We respect that many people will have their own unique and diverse ways of responding to the gravity of this moment. The power of individual acts guided by a heart of compassion and wisdom can be powerful spaces from which to form first steps toward collective healing. We stand in solidarity with all of those helping to find a way for goodness to breathe freely in the world.

Shinnyo-en’s core values of inclusivity without distinction between friend and other and universal liberation from suffering encourage us to strive toward building a culture of “we”, rather than the dynamics of “us versus them”.  We remain dedicated to fostering harmony, empathic listening, collaborative community-building, and embodied acts of authentic care that contribute to a world of both equity and equanimity for all.