"Ripples of Friendship" extend from the Shinnyo Lantern Floating in Taiwan

November 16, 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

On Saturday, November 16, Shinnyo held its fifth annual Lantern Floating in Taiwan. The event took place at Luzhou Breeze Park in New Taipei City. Over 10,000 people floated more than 8,000 lanterns amidst the chanting of Buddhist prayers.

Since 2015 Shinnyo-en has organized Lantern Floatings in Taiwan under the theme "Ripples of Friendship". The ceremony is open to everyone, regardless of culture, religious tradition or ethnicity. Each lantern was bestowed with feelings of gratitude for the lives of our ancestors and wishes for happiness. All the while, the glow of the lanterns rose one by one accompanied by the light of goodness emanating from the participants, wishing for the happiness of others, radiating in all directions, like ripples of waters that extend without end.

Venerable Seiji Nishikawa, who presided over the Lantern Floating on behalf of Her Holiness Shinso Ito, the Head of Shinnyo-en, said in his message: "This ceremony extends the merit of wisdom and compassion to all that are related to us, but also beyond to all the countless spirits, and at the same time it helps us make our inner light of goodness shine. Let us send off the lanterns while we chant 'Namu Shinnyo', hoping that the awakening power of Shinnyo may reach out far and wide."

The well-being of the environment was taken into consideration after the ceremony as the lanterns were all collected, cleaned and will be reused for the ceremony next year, as is Shinnyo standard practice at all of our Lantern Floatings in Japan and Hawaii.