Chicago Symphony Orchestra Profiles Shinnyo-en Chicago Temple Reverend, Head of Taiko Program

February 28, 2019

The power of Shinnyo Taiko drumming is making waves and resonating with a major symphony orchestra and a regional temple in the U.S.

Fumio Ishizaka, reverend of the Shinnyo-en Chicago Temple and head of the temple’s taiko program, was recently featured in a profile on the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Sights and Sounds blog.

According to Ishizaka, “The sounds of the taiko have a good spirit. Buddha’s spirit [resides] in the sound, and the sound carries and penetrates into people’s hearts. That is what we are hoping. We’re conveying the warmth and kindness Buddhistically, and with gratitude to our founder [Shinjo Ito] or anybody who became a pipe between our world and the Buddha’s world. We’re also hoping that we become a [conduit] between Buddha’s heart and people’s heart as they listen to our taiko music.”

(Photo above with Ishizaka on the left.)

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Watch a short digest from the Shinnyo Lantern Floating for Peace in New York. The Finale is a collaboration of Shinnyo Taiko with contemporary music performers in a unique arrangement.