Inspiring Wisdom and Compassion – A Fire and Water Ceremony to commemorate the 80th Year of the construction of Shinchoji, the First Temple of Shinnyo-en

May 09, 2018
Tokyo, Japan

In 2018 Shinnyo-en practitioners around the world honor the construction of the first Shinnyo-en temple, Shinchoji, a symbol of their spiritual foundation.

In  1992 Shinnyo-en’s Head Priest, Shinso Ito, created the contemporary Shinnyo Fire and Water Ceremony.

The primary meaning of the fire in the ceremony is to spark the joy of serving others. The wisdom of the Buddha symbolized in the flames burns away ignorance that is a cause of suffering.

The water element of the ceremony represents compassion that gently relieves and soothes the thirst of suffering and infuses spiritual contentment.

The fire and water elements are  combined  in the form of a lantern floating ceremony that provides a physical way for people to offer heartfelt appreciation, celebrate and reconnect, with those who have passed. The ceremony takes one beyond the boundary of life and death.

Her Holiness Shinso Ito has performed the fire and water ceremonies at extraordinary gatherings in several locations around the world, including in Honolulu, Hawaii, annually since 1999.

For the first time, on April 29th, a Fire and Water ceremony held inside the Head Temple of Shinnyo-en in Tachikawa, Tokyo, was accompanied by an indoor Lantern Floating. This beautifully designed combination of the fire and water elements is still on permanent display for visitors and offers a unique opportunity both for personal spiritual awakening and for selfless, courageous action.

“In this 80th anniversary year we invite all people to reawaken the foundation of their spiritual practice and to make a new start in serving others. Reflect on what you can do, today, to overcome differences and work together for the future of humankind and the earth.” - Shinso Ito, Head Priest of Shinnyo-en