Acts of Goodness Help Practitioners Find Inner Fulfilment

March 09, 2017

One of Shinnyo-en’s core beliefs is that each person can find peace of mind and fulfilment through the expression of altruistic principles. Simple actions can make a larger, lasting impact on ourselves, our community and our world.

Simple, altruistic actions can take many forms. In Singapore, for example, more than 20 members of the Shinnyo-en Singapore temple devoted a Saturday to clean-up and paint the houses of elderly residents living alone.

The effort was a success and helped contribute to improving the quality of life of those residents. In fact, Shinnyo-en Singapore’s organized efforts such as the clean-up day was a positive and fulfilling experience for both the senior citizens and the volunteers. The organization of these activities – simple acts of goodness – with local community members fosters bonding, mutual understanding and strengthens social cohesion – all values that are a part of Shinnyo-en core teachings and beliefs.

Shinnyo-en Singapore began its activities in 1994 in central Singapore and the temple is currently located in the Eunos area. Shinnyo-en practitioners come from all walks of life to cultivate their innate buddha-nature, practicing in society and through volunteer events.