The Shinnyo Center in New York Participates in Arts Festival, Supporting the Neighborhood and Showcasing Shinnyo-inspired Artists

November 10, 2017
New York, NY

Last month The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Well-being was a featured venue for some of the more than 90 artists celebrated in the 14th annual Garment District Arts Festival in New York City.

The annual Garment District Arts Festival showcases the work of artists most of whom work and live within the neighborhood where The Shinnyo Center is located. Artists’ works were open to the public in street-level stores, restaurants, office building lobbies, and social service, cultural, and religious organizations throughout the neighborhood.

The Shinnyo Center is a vibrant participant in its New York City neighborhood with partnerships and contributing to a variety of local social service agencies, first-responder organizations, and quality-of-life initiatives.

In 2017, it was the third year that The Shinnyo Center participated in the neighborhood art fair. This year The Shinnyo Center presented the works of ten artists, most of whom are Shinnyo-en practitioners and/or Shinnyo Center members.

The culmination of The Shinnyo Center’s participation in the 2017 Art Fair included a Shinnyo Center Jazz Meditation on October 21, led by The Shinnyo Center Jazz Meditation Ensemble and by Reverend Qalvy Grainzvolt, meditation guide at The Shinnyo Center.