Shinnyo-en Korea Joins the Busan Buddhist Association

April 09, 2017
Busan, Korea

In March 2017, Shinnyo-en Korea became an official member of the Busan Buddhist Association. Over the past several years, Shinnyo-en leaders have had the opportunity to visit important temples in Busan, such as the Samkwang Temple of Tiantai Buddhism, in an effort to further the connections of Japanese and South Korean Buddhism through friendly exchange.

In fact, the participation of Shinnyo-en in the Busan Buddhist Association is unprecedented among a variety of different Japanese Buddhist groups that are present in Busan. In March, the Busan Buddhist Federation and its president, the Ven. Kyun Seon, visited the Shinnyo-en temple in Busan and celebrated the shared goals of exploring Buddhist teachings and the values of compassion and altruism among wider audiences.

Shinnyo-en’s international director, Rev. Shuichi Arai, expressed his gratitude to The Busan Buddhist Federation, so that the groups can work together harmoniously in the teaching and sharing of Buddhist principles. Shinnyo-en in Korea and around the world promotes daily practices that allow people of all walks of life to connect with their spiritual selves. and to awaken an inner peace through their actions in everyday life.

“I am incredibly pleased and happy that Shinnyo-en Korea was accepted to join the Busan Buddhist Association, which has a central role in Buddhism in Korea,” Rev. Arai said.

To commemorate this event and as a commitment to further cooperation, Shinnyo-en made an initial donation of five million won to contribute to future activities. In return, the Ven. Kyun Seon conveyed his sense of encouragement through this event and towards combined efforts of the Association and Shinnyo-en Korea.

The visit and celebration was attended also by the Busan Buddhist Federation Chairman, the Standing Vice President, the Secretary-General, other monks of the Buddhist Federation, as well as about 100 practitioners of Shinnyo-en Korea.