Shinnyo-en’s SeRV Volunteers Continue Emergency Support Efforts in Nepal

February 11, 2017
Kathmandu City, Nepal

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015, Shinnyo-en continues to mobilize relief efforts in the form of contributions, volunteer personnel and clean-up support.

In recent months, SeRV volunteers (which stands for Shinnyo-en Relief Volunteers) volunteered their time to help clean the area around Swayambhunath, the ancient religious architecture in Kathmandu City, and one of the oldest Hindu and Buddhist temple that is a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. More than 70 SeRV volunteers removed debris and cleaned the famous 400-step stairs of the temple and surrounding areas.

SeRV is a volunteer relief network originally established in response to the devastating Great Hanshin earthquake that struck Japan in 1995. Since then, SeRV has dispatched volunteer aid workers on more than 65 occasions.