Shinnyo-en Continues at the Forefront of Twenty-first Century Buddhist Practice and Technology

April 11, 2014
Tokyo, Japan

Shinnyo-en has always enthusiastically embraced contemporary communications and information technologies to support and enhance Shinnyo practice. Paris-based Shinnyo Member, Christian Warocquier, who is also a professional in the field of digital humanities, continues the Shinnyo commitment to technology through his proposal, now a finalist for consideration, to the 2014 Buddhist Geeks Conference (Exploring the Convergence of Buddhism, Technology, and Gobal Culture) in Boulder, Colorado. If accepted, Mr. Warocquier will lead a conference discussion about the potential near-future applications of technologies such as immersive three-dimensional video conferencing over high-speed fiber and mobile connectivity in support of Buddhist meditation practice and training.  See an overview of Mr. Warocquier's Buddhist Geeks conference proposal here.