Shinnyo-en Convenes Interfaith Clergy Dialogue in New York City

September 20 - 21, 2013
New York City

Hosted at the recently renovated Shinnyo Center in Manhattan at 19 West 36th Street in New York City, Shinnyo-en, in conjunction with the Global Peace Initiative of Women,  organized a two-day program for forty religious and contemplative practice leaders from the New York metropolitan area to reflect and discuss the topic of "Fostering Peace through the Power of Rituals for Individual and Collective Healing."

Participants represented Shinnyo, Tibetan, Zen and Chan Buddhism, Vedanta / Hinduism, and Islamic traditions.  Presentations and reflections were offered by representatives of the Sri Aurobindo lineage, the Sikh tradition, a priestess of Wicca, and three streams of Sufi practice, indigenous/Native Americans, and Christian contemplatives. These perspectives were also joined with those from representatives of mainstream Episcopal, Catholic, and American Baptist Christian churches as well as with representatives of leading ecumenical and interfaith cooperation organizations in the New York metropolitan area.

The Shinnyo - GPIW event in New York was the latest in a series of interfaith religious leader dialogues sponsored by Shinnyo-en since 2010.  Previous interfaith dialogues have been held in Tokyo, San Francisco, and Nairobi.

The assembled group in New York addressed current events and whether religious/spiritual leadership should play a role in stemming crises.  The consensus was that faith and its ritual practices, used in a peaceful context, can inform positive societal exchanges and serve as a platform to resolve and heal outer conflicts.