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Shinnyo-en offers donations to Australian bushfire relief efforts

January 19, 2020

Two small, silhouetted human figures surrounded by bright yellow and orange flames, trees and smoke.

Tokyo, JP / Sydney, AU

Australia has been suffering from massive bushfires that continue to rage throughout the continent in unprecedented ways, causing large-scale devastation to forests, communities, and animals.

Shinnyo‑en has joined international communities in offering donations to fire departments, volunteer firefighting agencies, bushfire relief funds, animal hospitals, and wildlife conservation groups.

The donations were made in early January by Shinnyo‑en Australia on behalf of the entire Shinnyo‑en community.

Her Holiness Shinso Ito continuously encourages members of Shinnyo‑en to take part in acts that help to build a future of hope for all lives. In Her remarks on New Year’s Day she reminded the congregation: “To follow in the distinguished footsteps of our spiritual teachers is to have a faith and practice that is grounded in their words, in the [combined] aspiration to better oneself and action in line with the sacred pursuit of helping others…”

Our hearts are with Australia and all who are affected by this crisis. We also hope for the safety of the dedicated firefighters that put their lives on the line on a daily basis.

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